PORTLAND, Ore. March 12, 2014 – Invest n Retire, LLC (INR) was granted a patent Jan 28 2014 (pat. US 8,639,604) for its parent patent filed Oct 2004. Abstract: “A system and method of managing tax-deferred retirement accounts that enable the participants to invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and to forecast and intelligently plan for their retirement savings needs. The system and method preferably allow each participant to select an asset allocation model pursuant to which their investments will be managed . . ."


Invest n Retire® is a technology company located in Portland Ore.

Invest n Retire, LLC (INR) designed its patented technology (pat. US 8,639,604 and pat. US 8,060,428) for delivery as Software as a Service (SaaS). INR provides a complete record keeping and trading system for defined contribution (DC) plans which not only includes mutual funds, but also includes the technology necessary to automatically trade exchange traded funds (ETFs). INR executes ETF trades intra-day directly with a broker, with execution occurring within seconds after pricing at market with participants owning whole and fractional shares of the ETFs.

Invest n Retire® also provides independent investment managers with the technology necessary to efficiently and cost effectively manage separately managed accounts (SMAs). Managers build model portfolios by choosing from over 1,500 ETFs with SMA clients owning whole and fractional shares of the ETFs. When a manager makes a change in a model, the change automatically translates across all of the manager's clients. For more information read, Seamlessly Managing Your Clients Portfolios.

SaaS incorporates the best practices delivering on-demand software


Pension & Investments reported March 2014 that defined contribution (DC) assets skyrocket to $5.06 trillion ending Sept 2013. With the growing DC market, companies are begging for robust technology that can handle the demand. Invest n Retire® exceeds the challenge with our patented technology and delivery method as software as a service (SaaS).

SaaS applications are designed as a multi-tenant environment. Instead of deploying software on the client side, enhancements are implemented at the SaaS data center and made available to the entire user community which eliminates the need to perform upgrades at the client level. Systems are configurable so each client has a custom experience, yet the code base is disparate and maintained for the benefit of all clients. These efficiencies drastically reduce your overall cost in delivering services to your clients.

SaaS technology is affordable and easy


Why is the Application Service Provider (ASP) model outdated . . .

ASP is typically deployed on premises, which means bringing your own hardware. For a hosted ASP model, the hardware/infrastructure cost is baked into the license and ongoing maintenance fees. Managing feature updates for individual customers can be cumbersome. Customizations made by customers adds to the complexity of the upgrading process.

SaaS is built with multi-tenancy to take advantage of shared resources and infrastructure.
A single codebase is maintained with new features easily deployed and readily available for all customers. Individual customization requires minimal effort by the customer and eliminates breakage during upgrades.

SaaS is an all-inclusive business architecture which delivers value rather than just the software. Invest n Retire's SaaS technology delivers a system that seamlessly integrates with the record keeper / third party administrator (TPA), investment manager, broker, custodian and payroll provider with little to no effort by the customer.


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